Interviewed by Matca about the photography Industry in Vietnam

"Although this is the first time we met, I have an impression that you are very talkative (both laughed). Does being outgoing help you in your photography career? 


Yes I think so. Without having such personality I wouldn’t be doing a TV show about photography because I don’t look like I should be on TV. But I trust myself and am not afraid to try new things. It’s not a requirement if you just like shooting on the street for fun for example, but if you want to build a photography business, you will have to meet a lot of people, vocalize what your work is about, be able to close deals, among other things. So yes, being outgoing enables me to do many different things.

Will that put introverted people at a disadvantage when pursuing this profession then?

It depends on what you want to do. In documentary photography, maybe being an introvert is a good thing. Obviously you need to engage with others but that isn’t about being outgoing, it’s more about being compassionate and being human when you want to have access. "


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